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Who I Am?

I make games about cyberpunk, it is my biggest passion and hobby, and I am working on it all my free time. For me important to create games with such atmosphere, to which the player wants immerse himself, and he does not want to leave right up to the final credits

My Strengths


  • Languages: C++, C#
  • Packages: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, Blender, Windows Forms, WPF
  • Other: GIT, Photoshop, Windows, Ubuntu

I am a big fan of the cyberpunk and now I create a game in this genre. Hope it will become a franchise (like Final Fantasy or Metal Gear). After finishing one game I will start another, which will be a continuation of the previous. My favorite movie is «Ghost in the Shell» — the best movie about cyberpunk as for me =)

Dima Kozyr

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