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I am a fan of the minimalism. I’ve opened it for myself, when I had a lot of problems in my life and didn’t had any free time to solve it. Some people think than minimalism — is when people are get rid of all things, when they don’t have anything and live on the street in the carton box. But it is when people get rid of that things, which they don’t need

I don’t have any thing, which I don’t use at least once in a year. And it is no only about material thing. It is about programs on computer, web sites and goals

Now I leave in the rental apartment and all what I have is:

  • clothes / shoes for all 4 seasons
  • personal hygiene products
  • documents
  • dishes
  • laptop
  • phone
  • bed linen

And that’s all what I need. If I want to move to another city, or country, I just need one bag for all my stuff

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