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I’ve found a site, where people write about their goals and divide it on the simple tasks. Other people can give them advises and some support to inspire go on and don’t stop. I think, it is a good kind of motivation, that’s why I have my GOAL on this site too. Hope it will help me

Day 1

After I compiled a list of goals, I’ve realized that 4-5 months is a short time. There are many programming books in my home, that I bought and didn’t read to the middle of it.. I should stop buying books, until I read at least two. Now I understand that only people, who can finish their goal, became good specialists.

Until recently I’ve programmed every day about half a year. But then the game Metal Gear Solid 5 was released and at the time I forgot about everything. Now I need to string up, because is is really not enough of time. Especially annoying that I’m 25 years old and I’m still not in the gaming industry, not even in the position of junior, although there are a lot of programmers who work as team leaders and seniors and they are younger than me. It is annoying and makes me learn something new every day. I hope this site will help develop even faster.

Just remembered how much time I spend to study when I was at university. Much more than it is now. At university I knew that if things are not learned, then I can be expelled. Now there is no so strong motivation and often I get distracted during the study.. play games or watch games. It is not normal .. It is urgent to change the attitude, yet I still can jump onto the departing train .. And after work, do not really want to learn. Another thing is when I work at night — then the whole day is free. In general, enough to talk, must do something

I started to understand how to work with the WPF library MahApps.Metro, through which you can do apps which looks like apps in Windows 10. It looks great. And I created a table, which will be recorded as the time in minutes per day watching video tutorials. So I see how much I really looked. Before, I could watch a video of 5 minutes and say that’s enough for today. But now that the sight of this table, I understand that this is really not enough. Today is the first result — 31.15 minutes. Not much, but better than usual. The main thing — to be honest with yourself


Day 2

The second day after registration on this site. I looked goals of the other people and found many pretty ambitious, especially in the game development. The only pity is that many of them ended up on the stage, where it ends planning part and begins a moment where people need to do something. I have this problem too. Hopefully in the future I will bring everything to the end.
Today watched 39.56 minutes of video tutorials and add widgets to my site, it looks pretty.
Watched lessons about Metro library. Now it seems that everything is pretty easy. Soon I could independently write something. I can not wait to get started, but first I want to see all the lessons

I want to watch all the video tutorials over the last month. In total they last about 17 hours — should watch at least 30 minutes per day. I watch them in the mode of fast playback at the speed of 1.5x — 2.0x.
And books on WPF, where 1,000 pages — is 33 pages per day, if I want to manage in the past month. After all, there are still other books … I hope someday I’ll be sitting in a comfortable chair and to code in a big game studio, I will remember it with a smile ..

Day 3

Today I watched the video tutorials for 31.21 minutes. Learned:
— Popups Metro style
— Pull-down menu int the Metro style
I found a program that records what programs working on computer and how much time. With it you can determine how much time you have programmed and how much time spend in the Internet.


Day 4

Today I watched 106.56 minutes of video tutorials. Finished Metro and started WPF MVVM.
I must say that this site really motivates because I want to write about the results of the day. And plus, I have already said that you need to watch at least half an hour per day. And I spread files with video tutorials on the desktop. I am very annoying because of it and I try to see everything quickly, to be remove files from desktop

I just realized that if I again shall come to an interview where I’m getting ready and give interviewers to read all this then they will say, «Dude, you’re watching video tutorial for half an hour a day and you really think we have this surprise? It’s nonsense.. did you even wrote a program? «.
So it is necessary to watch at least an hour a day and after then write a program. Need to figure out what kind of a program it would be ..

What I just learned — it’s just a nightmare. I am using the program ManicTime and learned that today I sat in the internet .. FIVE HOURS! I studied for just 1 hour. If I were studied 5 ours every day for a year, I could already have job of my dream, a house, a wife, a yacht. Instead, I’m sitting on the balcony and I write it all … Now I will learn as much as sat in the internet .. I write, that I will learn more and more. This, of course, great, but you can burn that do not want to do anything, you have to come up with something

Day 5

Yesterday I’ve watched lessons for 106.56 minutes — three times more than usual. Today, only 33.7. I understand already that learning as much as I sit on the Internet, it will be very hard. Today, I spent an hour on the Internet. Maybe this will help get rid of dependence from the Internet.. I will sit lower, and therefore have less to learn.

Yesterday looked direct goals of others. It is not cool when a person throws something on the floor at the end of the path and says that he came to the end because of something and because of something .. I understand now what it looks like when I’m doing .. Put the goal, then it is necessary to achieve it. And there are many people that create the target «to achieve 100 goals» and it aims: to wash the pan, clean the closet. People just have nothing to do. It is better to have only one goal, but cool.


Day 12

I am still continue to learn new stuff about WPF, C# and linear algebra. I watched almost all video tutorials (today watched 33.44 minutes). Left unwatched 2.5 hours of lessons (a total of 20 hours), they discuss very specific issues and to understand them, you need to face them in the real project .. That’s why I decided to finish with the video lessons and move on to writing some application to fix everything in my head



Day 15

Here is my WPF app — it is a hacker simulator and I make it using C# and XAML.
There is no code here yet, only design


Day 21

I’ve made a new design for my app and now I learning algorithms. On the last week I was on interview in Crytek, and specialists I spoke with told me that I need to learn algorithms and C++.


Day 23

Lecture about common order-growth classifications:



Day 38

Finished one of my projects and learned a lot of new things about algorithms.


Day 42

I decided to continue to make my cyberpunk game. I did this game constantly, but I was shattered by the fact that because of problems with version control system a lot of things was gone from the project.. I didn’t wanted to do again what has already been done.


My code is horrible. If you work on the project from the start without a break, then I do not notice.
And if at the time abandoned the project, and then again begin to work on it, it is necessary to re-understand the code, all remember. When you have a fresh look at your code, you can find some schools.
It would be great to know all the patterns and know how to use them

Don’t remember which day it is

I’ve done a lot of things in my Cyberpunk game and now I want to work a little bit with the algorithms.
The video below inspired me to to create a program (like on the screenshot below), which can visualize work of the different sorting algorithms. I will make it using Qt/C++. Unfortunately I have only 35 days to make it, because after it the trial version of the Qt creator will be over.


Working on the «Chronicles of the Cyberpunk»

When I just started working on this projects, it was just for fun (as always).
I didn’t even thought that it will became a real project. Bus as more I work on it, so more I want to make a really cool and high quality game. The worst thing is that I want to make it alone to show myself and everyone around what I can do.. and it means that I will make it for a long time..

Finally added photos of my pictures and.. it looks really cool. Now I want to delete all downloaded models and other stuff and make it by myself in blender



Every day it looks better and better

Added a lot of animated stuff. Now the scene looks more interesting.


Animated textures

Animated textures is a really cool thing. I love it and use everywhere I can


Active stage of development

Here how underground looks like now. Scene will have a lot of animations, so it will be looks interesting.


Decided to use only 4 colors in the game

I’ve created o lot of houses in Blender. And I deleted all downloaded stuff from my projects, because I want to create all of it by myself. Before deleting size of project was 5Gb, now it 1.7Gb =)



Now I have a neon wall, which was inspired by this video — a masterpiece as for me


Normal view of my screen



I am not considering myself as a professional, but my first commercial game is now available on Steam. There is no limit to perfection, and now I’m ready to make the next step to become a real professtional

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