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GitHub challenge is my way to make games every day and overcome laziness

Every day I try to make some revision in one of my projects. This allows me not to stand still and even if I make one small change every day, I’m sure that sooner or later I will bring all my projects to the stage of release

My strike reached a value of 241 and ended at September 1 — day of the Metal Gear Solid 5 release. This game is very interesting and I’ve spend all my free time with it. Now I almost passed the game and planing to return to work on my projects and start new strike. This time I will try to bring it to the value 365

P.S. There is one trick with GitHub. You can change the date on computer to that, when you didn’t made a commit and then make it. It will let you to continue your strike. I did so a few times, but now I have missed two weeks and I’d better start from the beginning


What is this? Is it because today is 31.10.2015? Halloween


Keep moving


I’ve made two of my repos private and here how it looks like for all usesrs besides me now


Goal status — in progress


Oh no! 21.04.2016


Strange things started to happen in the process of development after my previous entry when the commit appeared mysteriously on 21/04/2016. It just was the development phase, when I finished work on the environment, and began work on the logic


It happened again


OMG, what is this?


And again it is something new with the colors


Finally challenge completed. But I will not stop on it


As I said a year ago, I didn’t stopped and still working hard on the game. And now it looks much more cool 07.09.2017

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